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This paper proposes to generate and to use barcodes to annotate medical images and/or their regions of interest such as organs, tumors and tissue types. A multitude of efficient feature-based image retrieval methods already exist that can assign a query image to a certain image class. Visual annotations may help to increase the retrieval accuracy if combined with existing feature-based classification paradigms. Whereas with annotations we usually mean textual descriptions, in this paper barcode annotations are proposed. In particular, Radon barcodes (RBC) are introduced. As well, local binary patterns (LBP) and local Radon binary patterns (LRBP) are implemented as barcodes. The IRMA x-ray dataset with 12,677 training images and 1,733 test images is used to verify how barcodes could facilitate image retrieval.

This Matlb function extracts a Radon barcode from an image.

Usage: function barcode = extract RBC (IMG,nrows,ncols,numRays,showRBC)

Usage: function barcode = extract RBC (IMG,nrows,ncols,numRays,showRBC)

Implemented as introduced and described in: Barcode Annotations for Medical Image Retrieval: A Preliminary Investigation
H.R.Tizhooh, IEEE ICIP 2015, Sep 27-30, Quebec City, Canada

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