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Data Sets and Source Codes

  • A Cytology work: “ROI detection” and “Cell Detection and Classification” in bone marrow cytology. July 2021
  • Yottixel: In this study, we report the results from searching the largest public repository (The Cancer Genome Atlas, TCGA) of whole-slide images. We successfully indexed and searched almost 30,000 high-resolution digitized slides. The proposed method achieved high accuracy values +90% for many cancer types. March 2021
  • KIMIA Path24C Image Dataset (24 scans, almost 30,000 images of size 1000×1000). February 2021
  • KimiaNet is a histopathology deep feature extractor trained from scratch with more than 240,000 image patches of 1000×1000 pixels. These images were acquired at 20× magnification through our proposed “high-cellularity mosaic” approach to enable the usage of weak labels of 7,126 FFPE whole slide images, spanning 30 primary diagnoses, obtained from the TCGA repository.  January 2021
  • CLAW Stain NormalizationThis study introduces a novel approach for stain normalization based on learning a mixture of multivariate skew-normal distributions for stain clustering and parameter estimation alongside a stain transformation technique. November 2020
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