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Hamid Tizhoosh

Artificial Intelligence, Big Image Data, Medical Imaging, Digital Pathology  

Shahriyar Rahnamayan
Co-Director, Lab Manager

Optimization, Medical Image Analysis, Opposition-based Soft Computing

Morteza Babaie
Lab Manager, PDF, Vector Affiliate

Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Binary Descriptors

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez
Anatomic Pathologist

 eHealth, Computational Pathology,
Breast Cancer

Dr. Nilanjan Ray
Visiting Professor

Medical Image Analysis, WSI Representation, Artificial Intelligence

Mohammed Adnan
MSc Student

Statistical Machine Learning, Probabilistic Deep Learning and its application in Vision

Mehdi Afshari
PhD Student

Deep Learning, Unsupervised Learning, AI in Image Recognition

Areej Alsaafin
PhD Student

Digital Pathology, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Imaging, Bioinformatics

Parsa Ashrafi Fashi
MSc Student

Image Representation, Federated Learning, Domain Generalization, AI in Image Search

Sobhan Hemati
PhD Student

Statistical Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Kimia Hemmatirad
MSc Student

Image Captioning, Image Representation, Deep Learning

Maryam Hosseini
PhD Student

Image Similarity Evaluation; Contrastive Learning

Shivam Kalra
PhD Student, Vector affiliate

Multi-Instance Learning, Active Learning, Image Search

Danial Maleki
PHD Student

NLP on Medical Images

Soheila Nadalian
PhD Student

Image Captioning on Medical Image Data

Sara Anne Ross
PhD Student

Deep learning for anomaly detection

Mitra Seyedahmad
Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant, Web Design

Abubakr Shafique
PhD Student

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

Milad Sikaroudi
PhD Student

Software Development, Deep Learning, Medical Image Processing and Analysis

Aditya Sriram
PhD Student

Big Image Data, Deep Autoencoders

Former KIMIA Members

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