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ELP Image Descriptor

This paper introduces the “encoded local projections” (ELP) as a new dense-sampling image descriptor for search and classification problems. The gradient changes of multiple projections in local windows of gray-level images are encoded to build a histogram that captures spatial projection patterns. Using projections is a conventional technique in both medical imaging and computer vision. Furthermore, powerful dense-sampling methods, such as local binary patterns and the histogram of oriented gradients, are widely used for image classification and recognition. Inspired by many achievements of such existing descriptors, we explore the design of a new class of histogram-based descriptors with particular applications in medical imaging. We experiment with three public datasets (IRMA, Kimia Path24, and CT Emphysema) to comparatively evaluate the performance of ELP histograms. In light of the tremendous success of deep architectures, we also compare the results with deep features generated by pretrained networks. The results are quite encouraging as the ELP descriptor can surpass both conventional and deep descriptors in performance in several experimental settings.

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering ( Volume: 65 , Issue: 10 , Oct. 2018 )

Matlab code for the ELP histogram

“Encoded Local Projections” (ELP) is a new dense-sampling image descriptor for search and classification problems in medical domain. The Matlab implementation of ELP could be downloaded here.

Python approximation for ELP histogram

This code is an approximation for ELP histogram implemented by Python. Using Kernel idea has decreased the CPU time considerably. Derin Denizkusu, Amir Safarpoor, Shivam Kalra and Morteza Babaie are involved in the designing.

ELP Phyton to download

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