New Kimia Lab
The new space provides research facilities for 25 researchers.

Kimia Lab, founded in 2013, has been housed in many different buildings; DWE, EC2, and lately in Engineering 7. The dispersed work in several rooms in Engineering 7 was not ideal for Kimia Lab’s intensive research needs. The lab has been in the “Engineering 7” building since 2017. Therefore, the decision was made to move to a new place where Kimia lab’s researchers could work in one single area. The moving request was approved by the Faculty of Engineering, assigning Kimia Lab a large classroom in one of the oldest buildings on campus, namely “Engineering 2”.

It took almost over two years for our new lab space to be renovated and brought to new standards during the pandemic era. All the renovations have been completed by the end of November 2021. A recently published video provides a glimpse into Kimia Lab and its researchers in the new location.

>> Watch a video from the new Kimia space