Professor Tizhoosh leaves for Mayo Clinic

December 2, 2021 – Professor Tizhoosh, the Director of Kimia Lab, is moving to the United States soon to join Mayo Clinic. He is a new member of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Informatics as a Professor of Biomedical Informatics.

“The needs of the patient come first is the guiding maxim everywhere on Mayo campuses”. says Dr. Tizhoosh, “Serving patients as a computer scientist by assisting world-class Mayo physicians is undoubtedly a dream coming through for me.”

Mayo Clinic’s Department of Artificial Intelligence and Informatics includes clinical and research faculty, as well as operational staff who engage in the use of informatics and digital technology to improve human health. The department promotes collaborative research for advancing the methods, applications and infrastructure in digital medicine with the emphasis on the synergy of people, processes and technology, representing a multidisciplinary unification based on biomedical, computational and social sciences.

“Kimia Lab will be a major part of my research at Mayo Clinic,” adds Dr. Tizhoosh, “we will build the most advanced search engine to assist Mayo Clinic’s physicians in research, diagnosis and treatment planning.”