Pathology News, Jonathon Tunstall, interviewed Dr. Hamid Tizhoosh on June 21, 2021. The interview has been published on the Pathology News website on Sept 6, 2021.

“What we have to learn from day one when we design these AI applications, is that pathology has to come with us. We cannot just design a network as computer scientists and then go to the pathologists just when we need to validate it. The pathologist has to be with us from the start.” 

“…as human beings, we have a shared consciousness. Our needs and deepest desires are the same and the psychological profile of homo sapiens is the same anywhere you go. This cloud system that you mention would be a new manifestation of human consciousness. Yes, this will happen. No one can prevent that, because it is what happens when you have shared wisdom and knowledge. When humans invented fire, it was quickly shared around the planet and in the same way, we publish papers today and we share our knowledge and influence each other. With the cloud as a new concept in shared consciousness and knowledge, no one knows in which direction that will take us, but we will go that way, and nobody can prevent it. It will definitely bring about its own requirements and conditions and it will open up new problems so we will see things that we have not seen before. Diagnosing carcinomas will become almost trivial, it will be like suddenly being able to access the 4th dimension in our three-dimensional perception. Can we get to this point just by talking about the data? Maybe we can, but we have to come up with a more efficient way of sharing our knowledge.”

The full interview can be found on Pathology News.