UW’s Hamid Tizhoosh is among the 20 pathologists and computer scientists listed in this year’s “Power List” of The Pathologist who achieved  Big Breakthroughs, “ trailblazers working at the cutting edge and driving forward the future of the field”.

The magazine collects nominations from the pathology community. An expert panel selects the distinguished physicians and researchers based on their track record and achievements in the field. The Pathologist, an award-winning international monthly publication, is the exclusive print and online media of the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). The magazine provides ASCP members with access to news, editorial features and opinion pieces on all aspects of laboratory medicine and diagnostics, including the research, personalities and policies that shape the pathology and laboratory medicine sector.

Hamid Tizhoosh is a Professor in the Faculty of Engineering, Systems Design Engineering since 2001 where he leads the KIMIA Lab (Laboratory for Knowledge Inference in Medical Image Analysis). His research activities encompass artificial intelligence, computer vision, and medical imaging. He has developed algorithms for medical image filtering, segmentation, and search. Presently, he is the AI Advisor of Huron Digital Pathology, St. Jacobs, ON, Canada. As well, he is a faculty affiliate to the Vector Institute, Toronto, where he leads a pathfinder project on using AI in radiology.